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Signs play such an important part in all of our lives. They are there for showing us the way, directing our route, and giving us all the information we need when in a specific place. As signs have changed dramatically in shopping malls over the years, there is one type of sign that should have been updated as well. That would be ADA signs in shopping malls.

In 1990, the American Disabilities Act was passed, which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities; that includes in employment, government, transportation, and public accommodation. If you have trouble walking, moving on your own, or seeing, you have as much right as anyone else to get where you want to go.

What are ADA Signs?

ADA signs are specifically designed to provide people who have disabilities the same functionality and access to business facilities as people without those disabilities. There are several requirements for all ADA signs.

  • ADA signs that identify rooms should be located adjacent to the rooms they are specifying.
  • When signs are in Braille, all ADA signs require tactile lettering to assist visitors who don’t see well or don’t see at all. Braille lettering must be lowercase except for proper nouns.
  • ADA signs use only sans serif typestyle.
  • All ADA signs should have backgrounds and characters which are glare-proof.
  • ADA signs with visual characters such as arrows or wheelchairs should be of a light-dark contrast; a dark background and light characters.

What benefits do ADA signs do for your business?  

ADA signs are required by federal law. In places such as shopping malls, where foot traffic can be heavy, ADA signs should be very visible and easy to spot for anyone. ADA signs ensure that everyone in the mall, whether they are an employee, a visitor, or a customer, share in the valuable experience that every sign in the shopping mall provides.

Complying with the law regarding signage is easy to do. You want to choose a sign professional that is familiar with all ADA signage. At James River Signs, we can show you all of your options – and there are many – when it comes to ADA signs. Don’t be unsure of what you should be doing when it comes to ADA signs. Email us or give is a call today to let our experienced staff create an ADA signage package expressly for you.