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One of the most popular signs for businesses these days is that of an awning sign. These are nothing new, but their durability and ways for customization are what keep people coming back for more. Especially for a museum, where your enterprise may be small to medium or rather a large premise, awning signs will fit right in.

While providing shelter may be one of the reasons you want an awning sign, there are many other reasons to seriously consider this type of sign for your museum.

Awnings Help You to Stand Out

Where is your museum located? If it’s in with lots of other buildings and businesses, chances are it may be getting overlooked. Especially when museums are in a storefront location, unless you have a sign that is going to grab their attention, people may walk right on by. Even for larger venues, awnings make a big difference to visibility and curb appeal. An awning has the advantage of being “three-dimensional,” which makes it particularly noticeable, as well as classy.

Awnings Help to Expand Your Space

For your cafe or restaurant, awnings are a common tool for inviting people to use the establishment. Awnings make for inviting places to sit, talk, gather yourself for what’s coming, or just rest a moment.

Perhaps your museum has a cafe or restaurant that can make use of this phenomena. Otherwise, awnings can safely keep any merchandise or artistic effects out of the sun or weather elements. With awnings, you have more space to market your museum.

Awnings are Natural People-Gathering Places

Aside from all that awnings can do for keeping out the hot sun, and providing much-needed shade, awnings seem to draw people to them. They are a natural place for visitors to congregate, especially if there are things to see and do there.

Awnings are Very Customizable

In addition to displaying your museum’s name or logo, awnings can be illuminated. With backlit awnings, you’ll be expanding the number of people who see your museum day and night.

Awnings Feel Welcoming

Created in your choice of colors and trim, we can ensure that your awnings feel just right. They are wonderful for showcasing artwork and we can make sure that they complement the work or artifacts on display.

At James River Signs, we can show you how to personalize your awning signs with bold colors, patterns, borders and lettering which are effective ways of taking your marketing to the next level. Email now or call us for your free consultation.