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What can be more frustrating than having a hard time finding the building or room that you’re supposed to be at when you’re running behind schedule? Being confused about your location, feeling like you’re going in circles, or simply wondering why that building or room just isn’t where you think it’s supposed to be are stressful scenarios. How many times have you wished that there was a sign to help you get your bearings, or point you in the right direction, when no such sign can be seen?

One of the most notoriously confusing places to navigate is the college campus, particularly for new students and faculty, or for visitors who are on campus for some particular event, but otherwise don’t know much about it. There are often similar looking buildings. And once you find the right building, locating the specific room in which your class or event is to be held can be even more confusing. This goes double if you’re late and stressed out about not being able to find it.

Effective and highly visible wayfinding signs are critical to the success of universities. New populations of students arrive every year. Every semester, athletic events, musical performances, art showings, and, of course, classes are common occurrences. There are so many happenings that require folks who are unfamiliar with the grounds to find their way, sometimes to a small, out of the way room. This makes it necessary for campus signage to be visible, frequent, and clear in its direction.

Campus signage should be in line with the university’s color scheme, and, depending on the sign, may or may not bear its logo. It’s important to understand when certain signs should be bigger and more visible, and when it’s appropriate to use something smaller and more targeted.

For example, the first sign one sees when he or she drives through the main entrance of the campus should be large, colorful, and bear the school logo. It should point to all major subdivisions of the campus, and event spaces such as stadiums or concert halls. In contrast, signs directing one to a specific chemistry lab, for example, should be clearly posted at conspicuous locations around the science building that houses it, but don’t necessarily need to be seen by all the traffic entering the campus.

At James River Signs, we can help bring your campus navigability to new heights. We’ll do so in a way that aligns with your school’s theme and messaging. Give us a call or email us today and we’ll work with you on any necessary replacement signs. Alternatively, we can design a whole renovation of the school’s signage in its entirety. Whatever you need, you can trust us to provide you with the best signage for your university.