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Just like a well-recognized face, your front desk area represents your business in all its wholeness. Is this area a confused looking mess, with hand-written signs all over the place? Is there room for improvement? Because front desk areas help to form impressions in the minds of your customers, let these opinions be ones that will keep them coming back. For your massage business, good front desk signs are a must.

Ever walk into a business and been confronted with any number of desks or alcoves and not know which one is the reception area? It says that the business is not too concerned with the needs of their visitors. Front desk signs, on the other hand, help you to deliver your information with a powerful first impression.

Your massage business is there to help people take the stress off. Your customers are looking for a calm, quiet place where everything they hear and see is conducive to that harmonious atmosphere. This starts with your front desk area. Aren’t you looking to make an instant connection with your customers?

The types of front desk signs you can have are:

  • Hanging Signs
  • Wall Signs
  • Post Signs
  • Portable Signs
  • A-Frame Signs, and more.

And here are ways to make your front-desk area more inviting:

  • Keep your front desk area clutter free. Any signs you use should gently inform and not chide people with all sorts of rules about what they can and cannot do. If necessary, we recommend that you might post a wall sign in the sitting area for that.
  • You have your choice of front-desk signs. Don’t forget about A-frame signs, which can host lots of information about your massage business, including your website, where to book appointments, and social media links. We can put together a front-desk sign package for you that will include a little bit of everything. You can focus on the elements you like the most.
  • Front-desk signs can be uplifting. Not everything you see must be informational. Consider leaving people with a quote or little message that will lift their mood. After all, that’s part of the reason they are visiting.

And don’t forget that front desk areas are often the last place your clients will stop at before they leave. Make it work for you with front desk signs that are both appealing and informative. At James River Signs, we can get you the best front desk signs you need, now. Give us a call or email us today!