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This is a before picture of the window.

We had the pleasure of meeting and working with Frankie Knox, president of Head Start Biz Solutions in Portsmouth, VA. Frankie contacted James River Signs to manufacture and install the logo inside his office. He also wanted us to design, manufacture, and install text and graphics on his windows at his Portsmouth office. We also created a hanging sign for him. Because Frankie decided this location needed a whole new makeover including all new colors and a different logo, we were able to remove all the old vinyl and replace it with updated vinyl and graphics giving him a completely different look.

After we removed the old vinyl lettering and replaced it with new lettering and window film.

As you can see from the picture, the graphics and lettering needed to be updated. It was decided that less wording on the windows facing the street would be better as most people in cars passing by didn’t have time to read all the print on the windows. We enlarged the words that we decided still needed to be on the windows and  added relevant photos to each section of window. We printed the pictures on 3M Scotchcal Clear View Graphic Film IJ8150. This material, even with graphics printed on it, is see-through allowing sunlight to pass through and allowing people on both the inside and out to see through the glass.

Several other businesses on this street have hanging signs, so Frankie decided he wanted to add his own hanging sign to an already existing bracket on the side of his building. We used Dibond as the substrate and printed vinyl with the business name and logo. Dibond is a substrate made of an aluminum composite material bonded to a polyethylene core. This material is much lighter than aluminum. Using these materials for the hanging sign allowed us to maximize his budget.

Head Start Biz Solutions has two locations. The office with the remodel is located in Portsmouth, VA. This office is managed by Larrima Davis. The other is in Virginia Beach, VA. Frankie shared with us that he is planning on expanding his business to other offices in other cities in the surrounding area in the near future. His business offers a wide range of services from financial help to marketing. It was a pleasure working with Frankie Knox and his team at Head Start Biz Solutions.