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One of my favorite places to go is the library. I have library cards to three different systems in our area. There are different aspects I like about each system. Often, I have books to pick up that I have requested. Rarely though, do I just pick up the books and leave. Most of the time, I walk around looking at other books, checking the library calendar for upcoming events, perusing the movies, and sometimes just people watching. There are times though that I go to the library for a certain task specifically when I go with my children to help them get items and information for school projects. When I am there for these activities, I rely on identification signs to help us find what we need. Some of the libraries that I frequent have better identification signs than others.

Identification signs are different from directory signs. Directory signs tell you where to go.

Identification signs tell you where something is. Without well thought-out identification signs, a visit to the library can be frustrating and time-consuming. It is important to mark areas well and have signs that are specific and easily understood.

The library closest to our house that we frequent to work on school projects has more than one floor, so knowing where items can be found needs to be easily identifiable. Sometimes I have all my children with me working on several different projects, so we need to know where items and information are quickly. When we are looking for a certain item, we want to know exactly where to go to find it without having to wander around wondering if we are in the right section. Identification signs, which can include not only texts but also pictures, that are hung where they can be easily seen and help the patron find the specific area they need are integral to a library that wants its users to be able to find information and books quickly.

At James River Signs, we are happy to assist any libraries in the area with their signage needs. Let us help you help your patrons in finding the items they need quickly and with no frustration. Call or email us and we will set up a time to talk to you about any of your signage needs.