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Williamsburg is one of two cities in the area that has an outlet mall. Most of us are familiar with the basic lay-out of most outlet malls. It’s usually a bunch of stores right next to each other. Each individual business is going to want their storefront sign to pop so customers don’t walk by their door but come into the store and shop. What is a good way to do this? Businesses can use channel letter signs, and to make the sign even harder to miss, a business can light those channel letter signs up.

Channel letter signs are made up of three-dimensional letters. The business name is made up of individual letters, numbers, or even the logo. These are attached to the storefront or a panel box where the electrical wiring is stored.

There are so many different types of channel letter sign variations: back-lit, front-lit, or a combination of both. Each way produces a different look. Front-lit signs are the most popular. They have an acrylic front and a metal back with the lighting located on the inside. Back-lit signs start with a metal face and are mounted away from the wall so the light from the back gives a halo effect. On top of the different lighting options, there are different fonts, colors, and sizes that can be used. Different materials, such as acrylic and aluminum sheeting, give the business even more choices. With all the different options, businesses don’t have to worry about running out of options to make their storefront sign unique. The possibilities are limitless.

We would be happy to tell you more about channel letter signs and all the different options that come with choosing this type of sign for your business. Contact our office and we can sit down with you to discuss your signage needs. Our graphic designer is excellent in combining your logo with the perfect size, color, font in channel letter signs.