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When we think of floor graphics, I would bet most of us first think of a mascot centered in the middle of a basketball court. Although that is where floor graphics got their start and still what a lot of floor graphic materials are used for, there are a lot of new ways floor graphics are being used today. There are also many different types of vinyl that can be used for floor graphics.

When it comes to picking out the brand of vinyl, two very good brand choices are 3M and Orafol. 3M makes three types of floor graphic material we like to use. The first is the 3M 3662 Sidewalk Film. From the name, you can probably guess that this type is used on sidewalks. This is a short-term film that can be applied to high traffic areas. It’s also a great film to be used on rough walls. This type of vinyl is a great way for a business to advertise right in front of their shop on the sidewalk. This film is a 2 Mil durable cast film.

The second type of 3M vinyl available is the Controltac Print Film 40C. This film is also a short-term floor graphic vinyl. Combined with certain laminates it can last from three months to a year. This particular vinyl is a 3 Mil polymeric calendered vinyl. This type of vinyl is good for indoor use.

The last 3M vinyl we use is the 3M IJ160. This vinyl will last a year and can be applied to a variety of indoor floors made of sealed concrete, marble, ceramic, or finished wood. It is a 4 Mil high performance calendered vinyl matte white graphic film.

Orafol also makes a vinyl that is good for floor graphics called Oracal 1663 Floor Graphics Vinyl. This vinyl has a three-year durability. It comes in a gloss or matte finish and has an excellent opacity. It is a 4.25 Mil calendered vinyl.

So if floor graphics are no longer restricted to basketball courts where else can they be used?

  • Schools can use them in other areas of the building or campus. They can be used to help the flow of traffic between classes in hallways, They can be used in classrooms to enhance the topic being taught.
  • They can be used on sidewalks to promote sales or other types of offers a business may want to advertise.
  • Event coordinators can use them for short-term events such as a festival or marathon.
  • Museums can use them to promote a special exhibit  or add information in a unique way to existing exhibits.


Floor graphics give a business a new area to think of when decorating or advertising. It’s a space that gets underutilized in this regard. With the right graphics and designs, the floor is a whole new canvas for some pretty neat ways to advertise and market a business.