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Wall murals are large printed graphics that are installed on long blank walls. Wall murals can be installed both inside and outside. These hard-to-miss graphics are used for a variety of reasons for all types of different businesses. Wall murals are becoming more popular as they incorporate art with a purpose.

The types of businesses that use or can use wall murals are vast as are the reasons for using them. Wall murals can be used in places such as hospitals, corporations, government buildings, restaurants, airports, schools and so on. A business might use a wall mural to hide a wall that needs painting. This way the company’s logo can be added to the graphic and displayed. Another reason for a wall mural is to set the mood or tone in a building. A restaurant might add a wall mural to convey a certain feel to the restaurant or convey ambiance. A company might use a wall mural to promote their products. Cities can use wall murals to advertise city-wide events or showcase an event for tourism.

There are a variety of vinyls that can be used to create a wall mural for smooth walls. Our favorite that we use at James River Signs is made by Orafol. We have used this vinyl in our office. It is the Orajet 3528. This is a 3 Mil PVC Matte White Vinyl with Ultra Removable Adhesive. We were able to try this vinyl out on one wall and move it to another wall and the adhesive was just as tacky. This vinyl has a three year durability, but we’re betting it lasts much longer.

For rough walls and murals that will be outside there are other options. 3M and Orafol both have great choices. Our 3M choice is the IJ8624 Scotchcal Textured Surface Vinyl. This is great for concrete, brick, stucco, and tile. This vinyl has a six month outdoor durability on textured surfaces. Another great option is the Orajet 3951HT 2 Mil Cast Gloss White Inkjet Vinyl with High-tack Permanent Adhesive. This is the vinyl that should be used on really rough hard-to-adhere areas. This vinyl has a seven year outdoor durability.

When it comes to wall murals there are many reasons to have one created for a business. There are many options when it comes to the reasons a business might want a wall mural. And lastly there are many types of vinyl to meet the specifications of where and what the vinyl is being installed on.

Also stay tuned for a giant wall mural we are adding to our warehouse. We have a huge white wall that is 145 feet long and over 11 feet high. Our graphic designer is working on a wall mural for us to put up on that space.