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Window graphics have gained immense popularity with retail store owners and are possibly the most versatile marketing tool for glass panels. Window graphics hold up well in different types of climates and are aesthetically pleasing. The possibilities with window graphics are endless as they offer unlimited customization in terms of design and promotional text and graphics. Windows have become an attractive canvas that can be used to get promotional messages out to a potential customer. These often colorful and extremely attractive promotional window graphics help increase foot traffic by catching the attention of shoppers and tempting them to walk into your place of business.

Window graphics can be used for a variety of different purposes that help enhance a business’s visual appeal. There are different types of window graphics and they each serve different purposes.

Opaque Vinyl

Opaque vinyl does not allow sunlight through, so if this isn’t a concern this type of vinyl can be a good option. This vinyl allows for privacy. This type of vinyl also allows for very crisp and bright graphics and text.

Cut Vinyl Window Graphics

Cut vinyl is perfect for service providers who would like to display hours of business. This is a very affordable way to convey this information to the public.

Perforated Vinyl

This type of vinyl is a good choice for a store or business that has a lot of windows. Perforated vinyl allows this glass front to be turned into a billboard that can display a logo, promotions, or product detail. The nice feature of perforated vinyl is that people inside the building can still see out and there is no loss of natural light.

Etched Glass Vinyl Treatments

Frosted and dusted crystal vinyl prevents anyone from seeing in but allows for natural light to filter through. This type of vinyl can also have text and simple graphics etched in to convey information or a message. This type of vinyl can be a perfect solution for clinics, hospitals, or law offices because it allows for privacy but doesn’t obscure natural sunlight.

Window graphics are and inexpensive way to utilize glass windows in a business helping to attract customers, raise brand awareness, or provide privacy. Window graphics can be used to fulfill a variety of different purposes without costing a lot of money. James River Signs specializes in window graphics and can help a business come up with what it needs to make windows a promotional tool.