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There exist a wide range of styles suited for post and panel signs. Different types of designs are suited for different types of business. Here are some of the most popular designs for post and panel signs for businesses.

Medium Density Overlay Board (MDO)

MDOs are similar to plywood in some way. They are often used as temporary construction signs or by commercial real estate companies. MDOs contain laminated cores made from glue and sawdust with surfaces formed of a vinyl base. They come with a smooth white finish and can easily be transformed into a sleek elegant sign with printed vinyl graphics adhered to the surface. Although these are popular with construction companies to promote their firms and commercial real estate companies to advertise an available office for lease, these post and panel signs made with MDO can be used for other types of businesses also


Aluminum is also another popular material for post and panel signs. It is durable and stiff but also provides a modern and sleek appearance. The panel typically consists of a colored background with printed graphics adhered to the surface. With aluminum, one can have it painted, fabricated in a particular color, or have a vinyl covering the entire surface. Aluminum shell and plastic core provide the extra stiffness to the panel.

Foam Core Sign

Foam Core Signs are another alternative when it comes to creating the post and panel sign. These panels are lightweight but extremely durable. They are designed with a tough exterior surface which is capable of withstanding flying debris and harsh weather.


Another choice for a post and panel sign is PVC. This material is very affordable. It is less durable though as it can warp from the weather. This material is a good choice for companies who want a temporary sign up for a limited amount of time.

Now you have an idea what goes into making a post and panel sign. James River Signs takes your signage needs into account when creating and making your sign. We strive to give you a sign that meets the longevity of what your sign is intended for while also providing the best price for your needs. Give us a call.