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Ceiling graphics are a significant product of the sign industry recently. In the past, ceilings were mostly decorated with mosaic tiles, fresco painting, and other surface treatments. Suitable ceiling decorations should be able to last a long time. This is one of the reasons why a wide range of ceiling designs are being established for different buildings including vinyl ceiling graphics.

Why are vinyl graphics becoming more popular for ceilings?

Many organizations desire to have a more modern look and feel within their offices. This is the main reason why ceiling graphics are being established more and more in offices today. The right type of graphics on ceilings can bring about a relaxing feeling in an office, enhance the morale of workers, etc. Therefore, graphics on ceilings are more than just ceiling beautification.
Various locations in an office can have graphics installed on the ceiling. Some of the sites may include waiting areas, reception rooms, transitional places, as well as conference and meeting rooms. Beautiful graphics on ceilings provide a variety of benefits to a business. Beautiful and relaxing graphics on ceilings placed near an entrance location of a business can act as a mode of customer attraction. Graphics on ceilings often incorporate art and writing that help communicate with customers, acting as advertisements. The fact that ceiling decorations can help communicate with people and attract more clients to a business is one of the reasons why people get ceiling decorations placed in their offices.

Many types of businesses where nicely designed graphics can be placed on ceilings are hospitals, schools, and gyms to name a few.  In schools colorful ceiling decorations can be important for enhancing a classroom’s theme. In gymss attractive ceilings can enhance a gym’s overall appeal by placing encouraging images and words for those that frequent the establishment. In hospitals, patients can benefit from designs on the ceilings that have a calming effect.


Decals can be custom made to various shapes and sizes. There are many decal options which work on textured and even vault surfaces.


Printed dunes offer creamy texture with rivulets vertically running across white surfaces giving a lovely organic and vintage feel. When a dune graphic ceiling is installed, the ceiling gets a perfect ambient image which is designed to make the room look beautiful.


Tactile print provides cross-hatched textures that are somewhat raised and fancy. Beauty is defused gracefully with a white finish.

Another option is printed vinyl that looks like stucco. Stucco is sophisticated, versatile, classic and graceful for any business.

The options above are just a few examples of what can be done on ceilings. Designs and murals are also an option. Let us help you figure out what type of ceiling graphics you will want for your business.