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The types of signs that are installed in lobby areas can vary by material used, size and dimension, color, design, and more. A business owner can select from signs made in brass, stainless steel, bronze, wood, laminates, copper, aluminum, acrylic, and more. Our sign company will professionally design and install lobby signs to meet the exact desired specifications.

Signage is seen as a reflection of the company, and the lobby is frequently where first impressions are made by the customers. Our company will create customized signage that conveys class, competence, elegance, and professionalism. Among the many types of sign options available there are cabinet, dimensional, and recessed signs. If a lobby has one or more glass walls, another option could include graphics for the glass and windows.

In some cases, there is a common lobby that is shared by many businesses in one building. The presence of lobby signs becomes crucial for a smooth running facility and for the companies conducting business in that space. The building owner or the managing agent for the owner will use signage for reasons such as directions and information. In this case, lobby signs are helpful for the visitors coming in and out of the building. There is a wide variety of choices that can be customized to meet these needs

Signs attract customers and customers mean business. A lobby sign should be sized and measured to make the best use of the available space. Selecting the location for the signs is important. They should be where they will be most effective, most visible, and most visually appealing. James River Signs helps a business owner from concept to installation. We will help design, create, and install a sign that meets the needs of your budget. There are so many options that almost everyone can afford a lobby sign.