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Businesses have many decisions to make when it comes to marketing and advertising, and some of these decisions involve placement choices for their advertisements. Companies that have never considered the outside of an elevator as a spot to post these marketing items should take into account the benefits of doing so and some strategies to help.

Waiting Time
Outside of an elevator is the perfect place for a business to advertise because individuals are often just waiting here. Even a short wait for an elevator could give prospective buyers the necessary time to scan an advertisement. Companies should definitely consider the advantages of posting advertisements in buildings with many floors and few elevators. The odds that people will gather near the elevator doors are high.

Target Audiences
Advertising outside of an elevator is a strategy that works in general, but as with all marketing techniques, they should be refined to match the specific needs of the target audience. Businesses should take into account what types of services, industries, or offices are located in the building where they are planning to place the advertisements. A company that is only one of scores or hundreds located at the same physical address has the ability to advertise to a lot of different people coming in and out of one business location. Prospective customers could be just yards away. A specific company placing an advertisement on an elevator can draw in new clients from the people in the building who are there for other reasons.

Time to Absorb and Think
Most individuals are familiar with the scenes from movies where individuals awkwardly stand in elevators and wait for the doors to open and release them. While elevators are useful contraptions for getting to other floors of the building, they certainly don’t lend themselves to interesting activities or conversations. After people have seen the advertisements, they actually have the time to digest the content and consider whether they want to make a purchase. When people see advertisements and then quickly turn their attention to other tasks, they may forget about the marketing devices that they just saw.

Considering Fonts and Images
Businesses need to make sure that the fonts aren’t overwhelming but that they can attract the attention of individuals. Taking the space and the target audience members in mind is helpful when figuring out what fonts and images to use. For example, a crowded space necessitates larger fonts because interested parties might not be able to get close enough to the ad to read it otherwise. Contact information, such as a phone number, website address and details about social media accounts, should be readily available. People can snap pictures and contact the business later for more information.

Advertising outside of an elevator might be an idea that many businesses never thought of before. Recognizing the benefits can make a major difference and help companies to thrive and improve.