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How Churches Can Spread The Word With Well Placed Signs
There are many ways a church can communicate with the congregation. However, one of the most effective ways to make an impact is with a well-designed sign. These signs can not only inspire members of the congregation; these signs can attract new members to the flock.

So what kind of signs can help a church? Well, the first type of sign a church could consider is the sign which is displayed at the street. Every church thrives on attracting new members to the congregation. A well-designed sign, when placed at the street, can make a great first impression to future members of the congregation.

Another great place for a church sign is the one which hangs on the building itself. A church wants to be able to communicate to every member of the community. Everyone who walks into the church will invariably see the sign. Even people from the street if the sign is located in the right spot might be able to see the sign and be drawn in. Both the street sign and the building sign help newcomers find the church.

Other important church signs are signs which hang inside the church. These signs can simply offer directions to various meeting rooms or areas inside the church. These signs can also offer other important information regarding group meetings or other events.

We’ve talked about the location of church signs. However, it is also important to consider what materials these signs can be made of. There are actually a number of different options to chose from. A church can use a simple vinyl sign for seasonal events like Christmas services. For permanent signage, a church may want to consider a more sturdy sign with flexibility. For instance, an electronic sign can help a church announce the latest services or important messages.

Finding the right signage contractor can be a challenge. A good signage contractor should understand the special needs of a church. That can include the style of the sign, the cost, and other considerations.

Serving the Peninsula and Southside, James River Signs has worked with a number of commercial businesses and churches. James River Signs can help a church design and install the best possible signage anywhere on their property. That includes signage outside the church, on the church building itself, and inside the church.