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Participating as a vendor at a trade show is a great way to grow and promote any business. It affords the business owner the opportunity to catch up with existing customers and to also attract new customers. There is no doubt it will be marketing and advertising money well spent when business owners can expect hundreds or even thousands of potential customers under one roof at the show.

The trade show attendees will get their first impression when they quickly observe a display. The feeling they get will be a reflection on the business and the business owner’s message. It is important that the trade show signs are professionally made and perfectly placed to attract the most attention. These types of events get crowded with visitors and vendors, and attractive signage is sure to demand the attention the business deserves. Be sure to pick a sign company that has professional in-house designers such as James River Signs.

A banner is a big, bold, and colorful way to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Get the message across and customers will be compelled to stop and inquire. An expert designer will help the business owner customize a beautiful new banner. They can help select the wording, the lettering style, the background color, and they can even add a logo to make an even greater impact. The entitled sign package will have a similar professional looking theme.

Another must have for signage is a professional looking tabletop display that will peak the visitors’ interest. There are a variety of ways to effectively decorate the trade show table. A customized tablecloth will set off everything else on the table. Inform the customer with small free standing signs placed on the table top. A custom runner for the table is another striking accent for the display. These are all designed to give off the desired look of style and sophistication that customers are sure to take notice of and remember.

Another popularly used trade show sign is a retractable sign. A retractable sign can be used to bring attention to your products and services. They make for effective and creative marketing tool at a trade show or any event. James River Signs will help enhance the entire selling space with an impressive signage package that attracts attention.

Hanging signs help to bring it all together in a visually appealing way. By making the best use of the space in every way possible, the sales message will get across loud and clear yet subtly and professionally. The entire display space will come to life with signs and graphics designed to promote a brand and attract new business.