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Law offices must be able to attract clientele while also maintaining a professional image. The right type of exterior signage will allow a law firm to present themselves in a persuasive and professional way. Also, well designed interior signs will allow a law firm to direct their clients and staff to the appropriate department or office. Below are five distinct types of signs that will benefit a law office.

Street Signs
A street sign will allow a law firm to attract potential clients. Electronic signs can add extra visual appeal. Electronic signs can also communicate more than one message, such as the firm’s contact information, phone number, website address, or the firm’s specialty in less amount of space.

Building Sign
A building sign can help identify the exact location of the law firm. This sign should look professional to convey the proper image for the firm. The building sign should also be able to communicate the firm’s branding. The branding can be communicated with the firm’s selected type font and brand color. Law firms that want to create a lasting impression should use upscale materials such as glass, stone or other select materials.

Door Signs
Door signs can help guide the client, vendors, and new employees through the interior of the law firm’s lobby and office. Door signs can also communicate a message that can reinforce the firm’s branding. These signs should feature the firm’s logo and branding colors to maintain consistency through the firm’s exterior and interior signage.
Lobby Signs
Lobby signs can help extend the branding of law firms beyond its office. This type of signage can use a variety of upscale materials to create a positive first impression. The types of lobby signs a law firm should consider include recessed signs, graphics for windows, dimensional signs and lighted signs.
Office Signs
Office signs can serve a variety of purpose inside a law firm. These signs can simply be informational to help guide visitors around different parts of the office. These office signs can also convey motivational or branding messages to the clients, employees, and partners. Office signs should maintain the professional execution of the lobby, door, building, and exterior signs.

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