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James River Signs was picked to help Newport News Public Schools with some new signage they needed. Two of the district’s libraries got a complete makeover this summer. Our part of the project was to help make some new signs for the library. When you typically think of signs you may not think of book dividers as a sign but they are. We also added some beautiful wall murals to the walls; another type of sign that isn’t typically thought of. Let’s take a look at what we came up with for Newsome Park and Sanford Elementary.


As stated above, we made some book dividers. We made book dividers for the fiction sections of each school which are categorized alphabetically by author’s last name. We also created book dividers for the nonfiction section which is categorized using the Dewey decimal system. Both libraries also have browsing bins. These bins consist of picture books. We created dividers for those also. Each school and its library has a theme, so we worked closely with the head librarian to come up with a design that incorporated the theme of that particular library.









We also created signs to help children find the different sections of the library. Since a lot of new signs and words were going on the wall, we thought it best to put these signs on the top of the shelves. This also allowed the librarian to be able to switch the books around and only have to move the shelf topper sign to the correct area of the library. We created a fiction, nonfiction, and reference sign for both libraries.



We also created dimensional letters for the library walls. These were created out of acrylic and color coordinated to match the theme of each library.






We also provided the library with several quotes made out of cut vinyl.









And finally we put up some gorgeous wall murals to enhance the theme of each library.