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Visibility of a restaurant is one of the best passive marketing strategies. Good signage is one of the first and most convincing ways to bring new customers to an establishment. Signage gives a new customer a first impression which is important. Since people are visual, a good sign means a better perception of the restaurant and therefore hopefully more business.




Types of Signage for a Restaurant

In a restaurant setting, signage is either indoor or outdoor. For indoor signage, the main aim is to create a good and lasting impression. A good impression is synonymous with a friendly restaurant. The exceptional aspect of indoor signage is a that restaurant has unlimited ways of customizing the space.

In the outdoor, a restaurant must have signs that are impressive and visible as well as memorable. The following are some of the ideal outdoor signage for a restaurant

Channel Letters

These are the most common and ideal signage for a restaurant. The restaurant can choose just the name of the establishment or add the logo as well.  The three dimensional nature of channel letters gives a restaurant the ability to experiment with different lighting techniques.

Electronic Signs

Expanding visibility of a sign at night is ideal for any restaurant open after the sun goes down. These signs are also customizable just like channel letters but they are visible after dark. Channel letter signs can also be electronic. Electronic signs are ideal for restaurants that operate after dark

Maintenance is one of the most ignored aspects of signage selection. Future repairs such as changing the lighting or repainting should guide the restaurant management to choose a sign that they can maintain over the years. Choose a sign company that can help you decide what types of signs you will need for your restaurant both inside and out. James River Signs can help design, fabricate and, install your signs for your restaurant. We can also help maintain any signage that you have that may need fixed.