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The design of a logo can get extensive depending on the requirements outlined in the creative brief. The brief is a form that establishes the details the logo or other creative work should contain. In logo design, the details noted on the brief spell out certain characteristics such as company culture and industry, its brand values, even demographics, just to name a few.

Several elements of design go into creating a successful logo such as color, typography, imagery, graphics, size, and shape. In its most basic design, a logo might be in the shape of an envelope with the initials of the company (monogram) to represent a custom maker of stationery and envelopes.

Graphic designers understand the intricacies of a memorable and technically correct design. That said, the emphasis of color, graphics, shading, and typography combine to tell the viewer a story about the company. The size and shape of the logo do their job by showing the viewer the same story but in a different more subtle way.

While the designs do get complex, it’s the simplest logos that receive the most attention due to their simple but effective presentation. The FedEx logo has an arrow between the letters E and X, to signify an upward trajectory for the company. This logo uses negative space to deliver an unexpected yet clever message! As you can see in this example, creativity reigns supreme in the making of a logo.

Graphic Design at its Best

The rules of graphic design happily find their place in logo design. Contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity represent explicit rules of graphic design principles that when used correctly produce stunning results. If designers fail to follow these principles, they could severely compromise an otherwise perfect logo.

Using the information found in the creative brief, the designer uses their creative skills to create a special piece that reflects the values of the company and combines this with the brand’s colors and other specific attributes. Before the final design presents itself, it might go through several iterations before it makes the cut, so to speak, for viewing by the company.

The Final Approval

At this stage, the final approval is an exciting event seen by many as a turning point for the company! The new logo might stand as the first of its kind or the beginning of a rebranding. In either case, the anticipation of a new beginning burgeons with glowing reports of a new or improved version of the company and its future.

Logo design sometimes has the effect of creating a brand in and of itself. The bitten apple and the swoosh are recognizable the world over. These two examples show the potential a well-designed logo has with influencing people. We live in a visual world and thanks to creative graphic designers with the ability to tell a story without writing a single word, we will have no shortage of effective logo designs. Contact James River Signs if your company is in need of a logo design.