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The Significance of Signage

We at James Rivers Signs have been making it our mission to assist entrepreneurs in drawing attention to their businesses by designing creative and diverse signs. Over time, the general public has become desensitized to mundane advertising (think of the old adage of television viewers traveling to the kitchen for a snack during commercials). This is one of the reasons why we offer a huge selection of eye-catching and unique designs that differ from the traditional signage of yesteryear to promote your business.

Make Your Business Stand Out

One of the most popular and inventive ways to draw attention to a business is to change the physical aspect of the signage. For example, one successful way is to switch the direction of the company name/message from a horizontal to a vertical direction. For a plethora of ideas using vertical space in a remarkably creative and bold fashion, check out this Pinterest page to grasp an idea of how profoundly unique and different vertical signs can be.

Vertical Signs

A perusal of almost any newspaper will reveal an occasional advertisement that is printed upside down on purpose. Why is this? It is to catch the eye of the reader just as a typographical error will often catch the eye of an editor reading someone else’s work. Vertically placed signs have a similar effect as they may take a minuscule amount of additional time to read the sign. In simple terms, this means that the potential consumer’s brain spends just a bit more time with that business name in their head, and that’s the mission of great signage.

Vertical signs are also more pragmatic as they can be attached to businesses and to storefronts that might not support a horizontal sign. We can attach vertical signs to a myriad of surfaces and building facades both indoor and outdoor. Vertical signs are practical for any venue, business, or industry. Better than that, each and every sign is custom designed in a variety of colors, light options, and patterns, so that they have a unique value and are tailored to the particular product being marketed.

A business can be located on a map using latitude and longitude. Make a lateral move today to a longitudinal message and see true results.