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Construction sites can be very dangerous. That is why signs are critical. They can provide directions, instructions, and many other important information. Knowing the different kinds of signs and where to display them should be maintained and effectuated by the construction company. Without the proper signage, people can get hurt. Here are a few different kinds of signs a construction company should display.

• Danger Signs

There are many dangerous places on a construction site. The signage needs to be prominently displayed so that everyone can see it. For instance, there might be an unstable area that people should not be working on. Putting up signs will prevent people from getting hurt by walking on it. These signs usually have black printing with red warnings. Construction site managers have a wide variety of signs to choose from for the site.

• Notices

These are similar to danger signs but usually have different colors. Some examples of these signs include a no trespassing sign or a video surveillance sign. These signs can convey many different messages that are important to the safety of the workers and the public.

• On-Site Signs

Signs are needed on the construction site that will inform the public. They need to know that the site has dangerous components and people need to stay out of the site. These are usually hung on the fencing that surrounds the site. However, they can be used within the site to warn workers of dangerous areas and if they need protective gear in a certain area. Generally, these signs are short and to the point, so they are easily and rapidly understood.

• Direction Signs

Workers need to know where to go when they are on site. These signs will tell them information like where unloading of materials might be or where the office is located. If they do not know key places around the site, they could stumble into a dangerous area, or the workers could spend time wandering around looking for something instead of actually working.

Construction site signs need to be able to stand up to all kinds of weather. Construction of buildings takes months, if not longer. This means that the signs need to last a long time, so they need to be durable. These signs are usually made out of metal or a very heavy-duty plastic. Utilizing the proper signs is vital to the safety of the workers and the public and will make the construction site operate more efficiently. Research into what kinds of signs are available is a vital duty of the construction manager. Contact us at James River Signs to find out how we can help you with your signage needs.