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Retail stores rely on signs to drive consumer traffic into their location. Additionally, if the store is large, there are many needs for different kinds of signs. It is important that customers know where they are and how to get to where they want to go. Here are some examples of the signs a retail store needs.

• Exterior Signs

These signs are some of the most important ones to have prominently displayed. Stores need to make sure they have signs that are large and easy to read. If a retail store wants customers to shop there and spend money there, the customers need to know they exist. This can be achieved by using signs that are mounted on the building. Usually, these signs are large and might illuminate at night. It is critical that these signs are kept in good repair. This means that if they light up, make sure the entire sign is working. If you have a malfunctioning sign, it can reflect poorly on your business.

• Directional Signs

There should be signs that direct people to the entrance of the store. If people cannot find the correct entrance, they will not be able to shop in the store. Furthermore, if the store is located within a mall, signs directing customers to the store can be critical. If people know where you are located, they might pass by other stores to get to your store.

• Department Signs

Whether the store is large or small, department signs can be critical. There is nothing worse than wandering around a store trying to find the right department. Retail stores generally have like items displayed together. This is where a sign can come into play. Large stores may have signs for clothing by gender, style, or age. However, a smaller store may only need signs to identify groups of items, like clothing, kitchen, and bath. It might not make sense to have more specific signs. But, having signs that allow a customer to find the general area of what they are looking for is important because if they cannot find the right department, they might just leave and shop somewhere else.

• Other Various Signs

There are other signs a store might need including restroom and changing rooms. It is important to identify where the restrooms are. Additionally, changing room areas should have signs that let the customer know who can use them.

Retail store signage can mean the difference between helping customers find what they need and the possibility of losing them. Sometimes, especially in large stores, customers can get lost or confused about where the items they are looking for are located. Make sure to consider the various needs of the store when choosing which signs to display. Give us a call at James River Signs and we can help you with the signs you need for your store.