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Drawing in More Business with Electrical Signs
It doesn’t take much research to figure out that people notice electrical signs more than regular signs. They can notice illuminated signs from hundreds of feet away, even while driving in the rain. Plus, more people are interested in digital advertising now than they were a decade ago. The following is more information about electrical signs and why businesses need them.

Attract More Customers

Store owners use electrical signs to attract more visitors and customers. They cannot do the same with printed signs that are flat and one dimensional. Electrical signs are more likely to have elaborate designs with bright, flashy lights. Many lights blink or flash every few seconds and may also have images that change colors.

Attract Customers at Night

Electrical signs are made to attract customers at night. Most printed signs are impossible or difficult to view at night. However, signs with illuminated words or images are easy to spot without the help of streetlights.

When it’s raining at night, it can be impossible to see a regular sign. On the other hand, it’s possible to see the bright lights of an illuminated sign even in heavy rainfall. The same type of sign is clearly visible in thick fog.

Attract Customers at a Distance

Non-electrical signs are not built for long-distance visibility. Someone who approaches the sign from 100 feet away will not notice it until he or she gets to about 50 feet.

Electrical signs are easy to spot at night and from a long distance. Someone who approaches an electrical sign will see it from at least 100 feet away or farther.

The Types of Businesses That Benefit

There are certain types of businesses that benefit from using electronic signs. The signs are mostly used by businesses that are open at late hours. These are nightclubs along with a handful of popular stores and restaurants.

During special late-night events like carnivals or festivals, some businesses choose to stay up late and need lights to attract nighttime customers. Since the signs use a lot of electricity, many owners use them temporarily.

An electronic sign makes the biggest impression on a person’s visual senses. Some signs have flashing lights that show moving pictures, while others are accompanied by music or sound effects. This contrasts with a non-electrical sign that is plain, unnoticeable and difficult to see at night. Any business that plans to remain open at night or during the day should consider using electronic signs.