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Today, stylish lobby signs help direct customers to a wide variety of businesses and professional practices. Some property management firms supply guidelines for permitted lobby signage; others do not. If a company enjoys latitude in designing its lobby signage, it usually makes sense to obtain experienced assistance with this project from a knowledgeable sign maker. Just consider a few benefits enterprises enjoy by taking this step:

Accurate Information Matters

One of the most important issues involved in the creation of effective lobby signage relates to the provision of accurate information. Customers deserve to know the identities and locations of the businesses they patronize. Within the context of a professional practice, a confusing lobby sign may actually create problems for a sign owner. If a firm name uses some legally significant designations, such as “PC” or “Inc.”, then the lobby sign should also display this terminology.

Adhering to Required Standards

Ensuring lobby signage conforms with any applicable advertising standards issued by regulatory bodies holds particular value in the case of lobby signs used by professionals. For example, attorneys and medical practitioners frequently must adhere to specific guidelines in utilizing lobby signage and other types of promotional advertising. (Rules concerning this issue vary from one jurisdiction to another.) A misleading or inaccurate lobby sign can potentially expose professionals to disciplinary action by regulatory boards.

Visibility Counts

Similarly, depending upon the location, owners benefit by ensuring lobby signs enjoy clear visibility to the fullest extent possible. It may prove useful to add LED lights to the background so visitors see this type of signage more easily in a darkened lobby. If prospective customers or clients cannot read information on a lobby sign, they may not succeed in locating the company in a crowded building.

Lobby Signage Impacts Business Prestige

A lobby sign reflects closely upon the business prestige of its owner. For this reason, it usually makes sense to employ the best possible grade of materials in lobby signage. Investing in a high quality product on a subtle level demonstrates power and influence in the marketplace.

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