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Most people can easily recognize a church by its building structure and front signage. But other types of signs can help to guide visitors to the entrance, through the building, and to various events or activities. Here are examples of signage that could help guests to navigate the church grounds and building.

1. Entrances

Although many churches have just one main entry, some have wings or alternate entrances that help to ease congestion at peak entry and departure times. Placing outdoor signs at the point of entry, as well as logos on the door or doormat, help to welcome arrivals and provide access where it is available. Inside, entrance and exit lights in neon or print are often helpful.

2. Hallways

Signage pointing to popular destinations within the church can be very helpful on busy worship mornings. Hallway or corridor signs can point visitors to the nursery, Sunday school rooms, or the main sanctuary, as well as restrooms. In larger buildings, tasteful signs posted on stands or on the walls can direct guests to certain wings of the building for special services or support such as wheelchair accessible ramps and children’s programs or activities.

3. Room Doors

Rules, restrictions, or greetings for those entering various rooms can be conveyed through appropriate church signage. For example, a sanctuary might prohibit food or beverages, while a Sunday school class door could advise those entering to switch their cell phones to silent. Signs pointing to coat racks or special seating for those needing accommodations are also helpful. Bathroom signs are always appreciated.

4. Wall Signs and Window Stickers

Humorous, comforting, or inspirational messages can be placed on walls, in hallways, and on windows in support of the congregation. Special design floor mats and ceiling graphics are additional options. Large church buildings often post directional signs to help visitors find their destinations. A sign pointing to elevators or stairs, as well as a lobby area if there is one, are usually welcome to guests.

5. Special Event Signage

Churches that host holiday programs or community events often need signage to guide visitors to the designated areas. Temporary signage of banners or panels can be mounted during these special events or in periods of renovation or construction.

For more information, contact James River Signs. They can provide details about how signs can save visitors time and reduce stress in helping people to find their way around a church and its programs.