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Pole signs have a special marketing benefit: they increase a business’s exposure. Since pole signs are either located on top of a pole or extend out horizontally from areas on a pole, they are more noticeable from a distance compared to signs near the ground or on buildings. To withstand outdoor weather’s harsh elements of wind, rain, and sun, pole signs are manufactured out of sturdy, water-resistant materials.


This material is strong and flexible, yet it is thinner and of a lighter weight than plastic or wood. As with all pole signs, printing on one or both sides of aluminum signage is accomplished by using eye-catching ultra-violet (UV) resistant inks. Standard quality and premium quality pole signs are available, and depending on the type, an outdoor pole sign may last up to eight years.


Elegant and sturdy describes Dibond. This material has a plastic core and aluminum outside layer. Because of this, signs made of Dibond are considered stronger than 100 percent aluminum signs. Dibond is an excellent option for commercial building architecture and new construction industry businesses which typically require large outdoor signage. Dibond outdoor signs have a lifespan of up to five years. During that time, they should not decompose or fade when exposed to bad weather.


A pole sign made of Dura-Wood is stylish and long lasting. Dura-Wood has a layered plywood core and a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) outside layer. Computer graphics are used to simulate a genuine wood finish in walnut, mahogany, maple, bamboo and other natural wood varieties. Alternatively, a business may opt for its Dura-Wood pole sign to depict a white or full-color non-wood background. Dura-Wood typically lasts at least five years usually longer if treated with a clear laminate UV protection.


Because of its nylon threading, vinyl is strong and a popular material selection. Vinyl banner pole signs are great for new businesses that are on a tight budget and want to test how signage works for them. Later, to stay competitive, they may want to invest in a pole sign in another material if that is what others in their industry are doing. To advertise marketing campaigns, festivals, and grand openings are additional ways to utilize pole signs. It is common for outdoor vinyl signs to last up to twelve years.

A pole sign is an indispensable marketing investment. Whether it is manufactured out of aluminum, Dibond, Dura-Wood, or vinyl, it works day and night to increase a business’s visibility, brand, and customer base.