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The first contact a client or visitor will have with a company is often through signage that welcomes and directs them to their respective destinations. Business directory signs are the primary interior signage solutions that a firm can use to provide orientation and navigation to various destinations. They also form a perfect framework of consistent signing systems.

Directory signs should provide an overview of the building, incorporate associated information and offer a variety of destinations such as floor plans and maps that cover an area both externally and internally. Typically, the directory signage originates from a directory, and it is supported by various signs that guide visitors along their way to reassure and inform.

Businesses That Can Benefit From Directory Signs

Using directory signs in buildings may seem like an obvious thing, but there are many ways in which these signs benefit different types of businesses. Promotional materials, customer convenience, and appearance of professionalism are the primary benefits of installing directory signs in various workplaces.

Businesses such as offices, large retail spaces, government buildings, apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, and agricultural firms can benefit from directory signs. They help to promote businesses, add some elements of professionalism, enhance levels of creativity, and direct customers to various destinations in the company.

Different Ways of Displaying Directory Signs

There are different ways of displaying directory signs which include pictograms, sign shapes, and texts. Pictograms are different types of images that companies use to convey the message of signs. In statutory signage, they follow a specific set of color, sizing rules, and shapes based on the laws of the country. The shape of a sign can help businesses convey specific information to its visitors.

Shapes can be design-based, brand or any part of a set of directory sign conventions that firms can use to standardize the sign meaning. Companies can display their directory signs in various shapes such as rectangular, circular, and triangular. Businesses can also display directory signs in the form of outdoor signage, informational signage, persuasive signage,  and compliant signage to name a few.

Materials used to Manufacture Directory Signs

Directory sign manufacturers use an array of materials which include metals, wood, Perspex, acrylics, contemporary vinyl, corrugated plastic, high-density polyurethane, oilcloth, polycarbonate, and medium density overlay panels among other materials.

Various graphics, finishes, and energy efficient illuminated directory sign effects complete the design process of the signage. Most directory sign manufacturers design temper-resistant, robust, low maintenance and easy to update inserts when companies request.