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Modern retail spaces are built with blank concrete or boring white vinyl floors. James River Signs’ floor graphics give savvy merchants ways to use these blank spaces as an opportunity to communicate vital information to clients, customers, or tenants.

In a retail setting, wall space is invaluable for merchandising and displaying products. In an office building, cluttering walls with signage is unappealing and suffocating. In an industrial setting, signs on the wall can be intrusive and in some cases a safety hazards. However, the floor is a blank safe space for information.

For the retailer, customers can be guided via footprints or other engaging signage to the latest sales or products. Combined with engaging ceiling fixtures, floor graphics create a pathway the customer is destined to follow. These interactions convert to successful sales and increased revenues.

Any commercial building can benefit from floor graphics. They are an excellent tool to keep tenants informed about emergency exits or other points of interests. Take for example, a hospital which for many can be a dizzying maze. Floor signage is a convenient way to inform visitors how to get to important departments. Also if there are areas where visitors cannot enter, a visually engaging floor graphic is sure to stop someone in their tracks.

An industrial building can be safely marked in accordance with local laws and regulations. Imagine a warehouse with forklift traffic. Every single sign protruding from a wall is an opportunity for a collision. Rather than risk damage to these wall signs, James River Signs suggests putting the information on the floor. The same information is conveyed much more safely.

These floor signs are highly customizable. Let our designers find the best solution for that empty space. James River Signs prints on the highest quality materials and uses seamless graphics printing technology. This dedication to quality creates floor graphics that truly utilizes what is a underutilized space — the floor. Whether telling the customer about the latest sales, guiding them around a potentially tricky hallway, or pointing them to emergency exits, floor graphics are the solution to fluidly communicating information to customers. A James River Signs graphic is perfect for jazzing up that plain floor.