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What Are Attached Signs?

Anyone operating a physical business knows the importance of signboards and banners. After all, they not only serve as a powerful branding tool to establish the business’ presence at their location, but they can also fulfill the purpose of a business being identified from a distance. This is especially true in the case of attached signs. Unlike wall signs or door signs, attached signs are not restricted to be installed flat on building walls. Instead, they “hang” off of a building with an extended fixture

What are the Benefits of Attached Signs?
Because attached signs hang away from the building, patrons from either end of the sidewalk or road can easily see the sign from a distance. Aside from identifying the business from a distance, attached signs also allow businesses to deliver important information. Banks, couriers and restaurants often use these signs to display the breadth of their services and supported partners through attached signs. This way, a customer can know whether a place caters to their specific needs, which allows the business to serve more customers.

Apart from serving the functional needs of identifying a business’ location and services, attached signs enhance the commercial aesthetics and branding of a business. Ranging from colorful to simple designs, attached signs are a representation of a business and its overall branding using its logo as the main theme and expanding it when needed.

These signs can also come in multiple extensions. Businesses often use smaller, temporarily attached signs below a larger, fixed sign to relay information such as their business hours.

What are the Different Types of Attached Signs?
Instead of being restricted to panaflex or static banner designs inside a glass frame, attached signs can come in multiple materials and dynamic installations.

The most popular types of attached signs include:

• Hanging signs
• Stud-Mounted signs
• LED signs
• Graphic signs

Any of these types of attached signs can be utilized optimally depending on the business, its services, and its design needs.

What Kind of Design Does an Attached Sign Use?
A simple logo is the most common information or piece of branding often displayed on an attached sign. But businesses often include the following information as well:

• Business hours
• Services
• Supported partners (in case of businesses such as banks and couriers)
• Menu items (in case of restaurants having an LED sign)
• Discount offerings (in case of retail locations having an LED sign)

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