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A raceway isn’t just for fast driving cars. For many businesses, a raceway refers to a method of wall sign that involves attaching channel letters to a wall mount. When imagining the storefront of a business, a raceway sign featuring channel letters can add dramatic curb appeal. Keep reading for a list of the top benefits of choosing a raceway mounted sign for a business.

One of the most convenient aspects of raceway mounted signs and channel lettering is their customizable nature. Channel letters can come in a wide variety of font options, sizes, and colors which means that a raceway mounted sign can be completely customized to meet the specific needs of any given business.

A raceway mounted sign is built to last and can brighten up a storefront for many years to come. For example, the faces of most channel letters are protected with durable plastic that can stand up against the harsh UV rays of the sun as well as various different types of weather conditions. Channel letters of raceway mounted signs can be customized to feature a variety of different lighting arrangements as well which might be necessary depending on the weather climate a business is located in.

Quick Installation Times
A raceway mounted size often only needs to have two to three points of mounting. This is different than a sign where each individual letter of the sign would have to be installed separately. This means that the chosen raceway sign will have a quick installation time and won’t be unnecessarily harmful to the surface or wall it is being installed on. Many complexes have specific requirements on these types of concerns, so it is important to be mindful of any rules or regulations regarding signage before committing to a raceway mounted sign.

Reinforced Protection
The wiring or electric components of a sign that is outdoors are exposed to a variety of different weather conditions. Raceway mounted signs feature a three-sided rectangular box that can protect these wiring and electrical components for outside elements as well as reinforce the sign so that it can last for many years to come. Choosing the right raceway mounted sign the first time around can prevent future costs or hassles that might be required if a less-durable or reinforced method of signage is chosen.

Raceway mounted signs are the perfect non-intrusive signage tactic for any business. Choose a raceway mounted sign for a bright, colorful sign solution that can last many years to come.