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Attractive Commercial Real Estate Signs Promote Faster Sales
In the highly competitive field of commercial realty, a sturdy, eye-catching sign sometimes means the difference between a rapid sale (or lease) and an extended period of vacancy. Prospective property seekers sometimes won’t inquire about the availability of a listing if they don’t notice its location. An effective sign offers valuable assistance directing attention towards a particular site.

Highlighting a Good Location

Most businesses which establish offices or retail outlets place a high priority upon the visibility of the premises. Since retailers (such as restaurants, department stores, and beauty salons) depend upon foot or vehicle traffic as a major source of business, the presence of a readily accessible front entrance usually holds great importance. High quality commercial real estate signage typically showcases this aspect of the real estate.

For example, if a retail site becomes available within an enclosed shopping center, placing signage in front of the vacant store’s entrance indoors will alert passers by to the location. However, savvy realtors also generally prefer to include exterior signage visible to people in passing vehicles, as well. By informing as many prospective customers as possible about the availability of the site, a real estate company increases its list of interested prospects. Economic considerations often ultimately impact the ability of a broker to advertise a single location using multiple signs.

When Durability Matters

In many cases, property management firms tasked with leasing (or selling) multiple units within a large commercial complex on an ongoing, semi-permanent basis decide to invest in high quality, extremely durable signage. This type of signage typically lasts for many years. Managers frequently choose to advertise both contact information and availability. Some businesses which utilize these types of commercial real estate signs include:

  • Office Condo Parks
  • Industrial Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Office Towers

Effective Commercial Real Estate Signage

One of the most effective techniques for creating useful durable commercial real estate signage involves the construction of a sturdy wooden tripod frame. It supports two right-angled panels. Placed outdoor near intersections, these strong signs appear visible to people passing the site in a north-south and an east-west direction.

Further Information

In Virginia, companies conducting commercial real estate sales in the Greater Newport News, Chesapeake, Williamsburg, Norfolk, and Hampton Areas rely upon James River Signs. We offer a full range of sign design and installation services to assist customers. For further information, contact us conveniently at 757-598-4036.