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The right wall mural graphic can alter any commercial space changing a blank expression into an inviting visual narrative. Thoughtfully designed murals can tell stories, set moods, and build brand awareness as visitors navigate halls, waiting areas, and offices. When creating an atmosphere with a wall graphic, the designer should consider three elements: color, space, and emotional factor. The business installing the mural should have a clear idea of the purpose the image will serve and the message it should convey.

Color affects mood and conveys nonverbal communication. Blue calms while orange energizes. The colors red, purple, and blue send messages to the viewer of brand strength, trustworthiness, and dependability. When designing a wall mural, dominant color should be the primary concern. Determine the mood desired for the space and choose an image with a primary color that evokes that mood. Other design considerations include additional aspects of color theory. For example, warm colors advance and cool colors recede so a predominantly green image will appear farther away than it is. The mural should become a natural part of the decor. Paint adjacent walls a neutral or complementary color and adjust lighting to add to the ambiance.

Color is an important part of branding, so including company colors in the design reinforces awareness. A text overlay in the brand’s colors and font may remind viewers of the company’s mission statement or tagline. This mesh creates a connection in the viewer’s mind between the emotion the image evokes and the brand.

A wall mural can change the spatial perception of an environment. Images can make an expansive, intimidating space feel cohesive and secure. Clients who feel trapped and crowded in a small room enjoy a view that draws the eye toward a distant horizon. Murals may also serve to direct attention to points of interest or doorways inside a space. Images can provide a flow to the environment.

In an office setting where clients may feel worried, anxious, or impatient while waiting, a wall mural can offer a distraction. Focusing on details or gazing into a calm scene allows the viewer to redirect nervous energy or relax. If visitors feel disconnected or alien in a business setting, a mural depicting a pictorial timeline of the company’s evolution stretching down a hallway will bring the viewer into the story.

Murals offer an almost endless possibility of ways to change or enhance the ambiance of office and commercial spaces. Interior and exterior spaces benefit the business when wall murals add to a positive customer experience.