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There are several types of businesses that benefit from sidewalk signs. These include:
. Formal dining restaurants
. Coffee Shops
. Food Trucks
. Fast food stores
. Grocery stores
. Delis
. Jewelers
. Gold exchanges
. Hobby shops
. Sports stores
. Real estate agencies
. Farmers markets
. Barbershops and Beauty Salons
In addition to these businesses, there are other types of local businesses that make use of sidewalk signs. These include schools, libraries and museums that regularly hold special events.
How Do Sidewalk Signs Benefit a Business?
There is no doubt sidewalk signs, when placed strategically on business properties, capture “impulse buyers.” These types of signs capture the attention of people. Businesses also benefit from sidewalk signs by providing the latest information to loyal customers such as a special sales or discounts. Another benefit to businesses is that sidewalk signs provide a form of advertising that keeps the business’ name highly visible to pedestrian traffic.
Different Types of Sidewalk Signs
There is a broad selection of types of sidewalk signs to choose from. For example in heavy pedestrian traffic areas, business owners and shoppers alike love the iconic double sided “sandwich” sidewalk signs. There are also free standing single or double sided sidewalk signs with decorative supports. These sidewalk signs ensure stability in areas with high winds or inclement weather. Other types are single sided on a metal or wooden “drawing board” style frame. These are great for businesses with special announcements.
The Sidewalk Sign Message is Important
Although the style of the sidewalk sign is important to ensure it grabs attention, the sidewalk sign message is equally important. Choose the type of lettering that can be seen clearly from a distance. Keep the message brief and to the point for best customer response.Choosing the right sign for your business is always important.
We at James River Signs take your needs seriously and will help you get the right type of sign for your business.