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Companies located in large offices or facilities often need to post directional signage to help clients and visitors find their way around. These signs may be posted on walls, suspended from the ceiling, or displayed on easels, depending on a company’s preference. However, signs that provide guidance and directions do not have to be basic black and white printed words or arrows. There are other creative ways to usher guests to various areas of the company.

Color Coded Signs

Displaying a directional legend or map at the building’s entrance, is an important feature to a large complex. Signs can be posted in several different colors to help visitors find their way. For example, green signs might lead to customer service while blue signs could point to restrooms.

Logo Signs

If there are other signs posted in areas near company signs, a logo imprinted on the company signs will help to distinguish them from others, especially for visitors who do not know their way around the company. Recognizing the company logo will help guests know which way to go or to identify the location of a particular office or department.

Witty Signs

Directional signs can be linked to lead guests to the desired location. Each sign may have the first few words or a line of a curious statement to engage visitors. Reading the first one, they will naturally look for the next sign to read the next few lines, and so on. The verbiage might be phrased in simple end rhyme, or it could build humorous statements on each other to keep visitors smiling and following the signs.

Numerical or Letter Signs

Larger offices and work spaces may need to post several directional signs throughout the building. To help visitors navigate through various corridors, the posted signs could be arranged numerically or alphabetically to create a sequence that is easy to understand and follow. A posted map at the entrance to the building will let visitors know where to find the department they are looking for.

Varied Shape Signs

Signs in the shape of a balloon or toy airplane might be enjoyable for a special event involving children or toys. Book-shaped directional signs represent the spirit of a library, publishing, or authors’ event. Combining shape signs with color coding will likely make the signs even more distinctive.

Directional signs guiding people to their destinations can be creative and fun.