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Business owners in virtually every area must implement a variety of marketing strategies to make themselves known to the public. Whether they are catering to local customers or hoping to uncover the potential of tourists and visitors, entrepreneurs must be creative in their approach to building their customer base.

There are some very easy ways to attract new prospective customers online, but it is imperative to also consider ways to draw customers into a physical location. This can most effectively be done from the store or business location and in a way that draws passersby into the storefront. One of the easiest ways to distinguish a business is to add descriptive and effective directional signage.

Choosing Appropriate Signage

Choosing the best signage to promote a business and coordinate with other local businesses may require a little finesse and perhaps even some basic research. There are probably some essential guidelines to consider before placing promotional or directional signage. Some locations, such as historical districts, have zoning requirements that set conditions for the type of signage that can be used by local businesses. Themed shopping centers or other business complexes may restrict business owners to specific styles or colors that complement the overall general coordination.

Once all the signage options have been reviewed, the business owner may begin implementing the placement of exterior and interior signage that will draw customers and help them understand the layout of the business. There are a few general guidelines that will enable business owners to chose the best options for their particular business needs.

Exterior Signage

External or exterior signage is expected to conduct two primary services. First, they should draw attention to the business or storefront. Also, this signage should produce enough of an impact that it sets the business apart from whatever else is in the surrounding area. Directional signage should be very clear and well positioned in a prominent and easily visible place.

Interior Signage

Interior signage is designed to instruct customers in various ways. Safety signage should direct customers to the nearest exit and also point out any potentially dangerous areas such as low ceilings or high steps. Interior signage also serves a more practical purpose that is vitally important to business owners. Customers are focused on the task at hand and want to be able to find their desired products or services without any delay. Appropriate interior signage will accomplish both of these vital functions in an aesthetically pleasing way.