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Today, elegant post and panel signage often serves as a primary method for advertising a business location. This type of sign requires careful planning. Like a business card, it helps mold the initial impression a firm makes on prospective customers and business partners. Attractive, well-designed signs of this type command favorable attention.

About Post And Panel Signs

A classic post and panel sign consists of a panel supported on either side by sturdy posts. Often placed directly outside a business location to capture the interest of passing drivers and pedestrians, this signage plays a pivotal role in generating new business. Commercial enterprises frequently invest considerable effort and care in creating eye-catching, engaging post and panel signs for this reason.

By crafting this type of signage carefully, a firm obtains important benefits. First, this sign typically announces the company’s name (and presence) to the public at large. Second, many businesses choose to include key information about their products, activities, or services through this semi-permanent advertising vehicle. For example, a post and panel sign may include important branding features. Firm logos, distinctive colors, and even business mottoes or mission statements sometimes appear here. A fashionable post and panel sign provides a long lasting advertising and branding opportunity.

When Form And Shape Matter

One particularly useful aspect of post and panel signage relates to the designer’s ability to employ striking, memorable panel sizes and shapes. Even a comparatively young startup company may discover strong reasons to invest in a large post and panel sign. This type of display suggests prominence within the business community. Creating a memorable sign provides one way for the firm to project its desired image to the world at large.

The availability of a wide array of appealing panel shapes permits creativity during the design of this type of important commercial signage. In addition to square or rectangular panels, enterprises enjoy the option of selecting oval, circular, or irregularly shaped, artistic custom panels. It usually makes sense to devote close attention to these details from the outset. This type of durable signage often represents a significant advertising investment.