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While sign-making traditionally means creating and installing signs mounted on a post or wall, there are other options for providing signage to a business or office. One very effective technique is the use of window film. This method allows artwork to be applied directly to a plate glass window and can be customized for any space with as many designs as any other sign could provide. There are several key advantages to window film.

Sleek Placement
Signs are often damaged by wind, vehicles, or vandalism, leading to costly repairs and replacement. This is because they are exposed to those elements by protruding from the building or a post. Window films do not set out from the building at all, meaning they do not suffer from the impacts of wind or moving objects and are largely protected from rain and snow by the building’s gutters. The result is greater durability.

Larger Spaces
In most cases, a business has much more room available in windows than it does for installing signs. Small signs limit the amount of information available to potential customers, undercutting the impact of the marketing program. With a large window film design, the business can include bold, distinctive graphics, along with information about business hours, ways to contact the business, and much more.

Better Positioning
The most effective signs are those that are seen with minimal effort. On a street lined with shops, many of the traditional overhead signs positioned to face up and down the sidewalk are obscured by others just like them. Window films capture the peripheral vision of viewers, giving them time to register what the business provides. As an added benefit, they look directly into the window as they view the sign, seeing the products displayed inside.

Easier Illumination
A free-standing sign or one mounted to the building usually requires illumination from inside or out. That could mean floodlights on the ground or internal lighting. Either method requires a power source, some type of light fixture, and constant attention to replacing blown or flickering bulbs. A window film is illuminated by lights inside the business or office, making it easy to see as long as lights are on inside.

Effective signs are distinctive, easy to read, and durable. Practical ones provide those benefits with a minimum of upkeep costs. Window films can be an option that will provide that balance of function and cost in a way that can help any business or office draw in customers and clients.