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Trade shows provide exciting forums for introducing new brands and exchanging information about products and services. Numerous enterprises desire to take full advantage of these exceptional commercial venues. Effective trade show signage can be a convenient tool for generating new business at these important events.

Trade Show Signs

Perhaps the most important requirement for a useful trade show sign is its ability to help distinguish the business and its brands in a positive way. Since some trade shows maintain detailed regulations concerning booths and displays, presenters need to consult the rules before finalizing sign arrangements for a specific setting. Some important questions to ask include the following:

  • Will the trade show occur indoors or outdoors?
  • What, if any, signage size limitations apply?
  • Does the venue permit illuminated signs?
  • What types of signage will competitors display?

In many situations, portable illuminated signs provide a great addition to a trade show display. These re-usable materials may be utilized by a business at a number of different events. Other excellent types of signs include banners, hanging signs, retractable stands, and table top signage. In some settings even large post and panel sign may prove ideal. The bottom line: trade show signs should be customized to portray a business message that can be showcased at any trade show.

Use Cost-Effective Signage Whenever Possible

Businesses sometimes discover advantages in selecting re-usable portable signage for trade show displays (to the extent possible). This strategy allows the business to optimize its available trade show advertising budget. An investment in a high quality, durable, re-usable sign may allow the enterprise to minimize some of the costs of attending subsequent special events and trade shows. By selecting highly visible yet lightweight materials, the firm helps reduce the expense of transporting display materials to the venue.

Companies differ widely in the extent to which they participate in industry trade shows, of course. Some firms routinely attend a number of different regional and national events throughout the year. These businesses obtain many benefits by carefully considering different signage options and investing in durable, attractive promotional materials. A firm which visits trade shows on a sporadic and infrequent basis may opt instead for disposable single use signage.

In Newport News, Virginia and outlying areas, James River Signs assists customers in designing affordable, attractive trade show signs. We offer many different types of signage. Our design team works closely with clients to craft customized displays.