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In modern day, businesses rely extensively upon a specialized form of signage which utilizes “channel letters”. These three dimensional letters occur in a captivating array of sizes, colors, and script fonts. Typically manufactured from lightweight vinyl or acrylic with aluminum exteriors, the letters allow customers to create eye-catching signage for outdoor or indoor use.

Flexible Illumination Options

Many customers choose to illuminate channel letters in order to attract more attention to storefronts or interior entrances. The development of bright LED lights has vastly expanded the lighting options available to businesses today. Channel letter signs an be manufactured with brilliant interior illumination, or created with front or rear sources of light. Sometimes businesses even combine all these options to create brightly lit, highly visible outdoor signage displays.

Before modern technological developments, many locations relied upon colored channel letters illuminated with the assistance of tubes of neon gas. While still popular in some places, this form of channel letter signage is no longer widely used. Replacing damaged neon channel letter signs can be an extensive process due to the craftsmanship involved in constructing the neon lettering. Most businesses prefer shorter repair and replacement times.

Attractive, Eye-Catching Signage

Modern channel letter signage appeals to numerous customers. Companies often use this technology to advertise a business name and logo. Owners typically affix these customizable signs directly onto a building exterior or onto a mounted box containing electrical wiring components.

By working closely with a channel letter manufacturer, a business possesses the capability to customize this form of signage in appealing ways. For example, a company may choose to significantly increase the level of signage illumination after dark. In some situations, it may prove advantageous to append decorative designs, logos, or symbols to the text. Channel letter signage offers wide latitude for creativity. It permits sign makers to craft visually interesting and informative displays.

Further Information

In Newport News and surrounding cities, James River Signs provides expertise designing and installing channel letter signage. We help a wide variety of different businesses obtain distinctive exterior channel letter signs. Although more commonly employed outdoors, this type of sign can also be installed indoors and can be a way to attract customer attention once inside of a building. Contact us at 757-598-4036 to discuss the benefits of adding a channel letter sign to a commercial location.