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Smart Ways Business Can Use Door Signs
Most businesses do not put much thought into their door signs. However, effective marketing recognizes that a door sign is one of the first ways a company communicates to the outside world. Below are six important things that should be on every door sign.1). Hours of Operation
The most obvious information is the company’s hours of operation. For a business to create a regular or repeat customer, that customer needs to know when the business is going to be open. It is important that the business hours are easy to read and understood from at least 5 to 10 feet away.2). Contact Information
A door sign should provide information that allows customers to reach the business. That contact information should include the address of the business as well as the phone number. It may also be important to include other information such as the e-mail address or, in some cases, the fax number.3). Brand Communication
Every business needs to have a brand message. A door sign is an ideal place to communicate what the brand is all about. The brand communication should be one simple message that can be communicated in a few words or an image.

4). Open For Business
If the front of a business or storefront has a lot of foot traffic or car traffic, the door sign needs to communicate if that business or store is open in under two seconds. A well-designed door sign will be able to easily communicate whether the business is open or closed. This will prevent any potential customers from slipping away.

5). Social Media Information
Social media plays a growing role in attracting customers and generating business. A door sign should communicate the business’s presence online. Social media information on the door sign can include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram addresses to help customers follow the business online.

6). Identifying Information
While most businesses have their store or company name on its own sign, it is a good idea to reiterate the business’s name on the door sign. This is especially important if the business is on a busy street. While the location of the business is obvious to the business owner, first-time customers may need extra help to ensure they are walking through the right door.

Creating The Perfect Door Sign
To ensure all of this information is can be clearly communicated on a door sign, a business needs to consult with a professional signage company. A sign company will have a number of proven door signs designs. Sign companies will also have the expertise to help design a custom door sign that will meet a business’s unique needs.