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New and existing businesses of any kind benefit from strategically placed outdoor signage to draw attention and guide clients to a specific location. Architectural monument signs, however, go further in creating a client’s first impression about that business and its brand.

Nearly any type of business or organization benefits from the use of monument signs including, but not limited to:


  • Corporate and Industrial Parks
  • Shopping Centers and Malls
  • Hospitals and Other Medical Complexes
  • Business Schools, Colleges and Universities

Sizes, Shapes, and Structures

Businesses use these signs to project their branding and style so it is important that the signs are flexible and customizable enough to meet any type of business’ color, size, shape and more importantly, the location of the business.

No two businesses are alike, and neither should the company’s professional signage. Signs should act as a business’s first type of advertising. It should depict the look and feel of the business and present the business’s style.

For example, tattoo shops or salons may choose modern styles like acrylic or aluminum based signs, while more traditional type businesses may use signs made of stone, wood or a combination.

Larger businesses may see the most benefit of a stone and wood structural design that incorporates “around the clock” advertising with LED lights.

Corporate or industrial parks using monument signs may opt for a large stone structure to accommodate the signs of each business operating in that park.

The Flexibility of Monument Signs

Customized signs for businesses should include the company’s logo and use font styles and colors that integrate with all of the businesses other print material and advertising. For example, when a potential client sees an advertisement in a newspaper, magazine, or picks up a business card, it should coordinate with the type of outdoor signage the business uses on location.

Entrance Signs for Residential Subdivisions and Complexes

While monument signage is largely associated with businesses, many apartment or condominium complexes and community subdivisions also use them at the main entrance of the community when that particular area has its own name.

More often, these are relatively upscale developments and may also include a gated entrance to the community.

Monument Signage is Cost Effective

Outdoor signs provide a business widespread, year-round exposure regardless of the weather, especially if the sign includes LED lighting operating 24/7.

When it comes to business advertising, highly visible and branded outdoor signs effectively replace the expense of print, TV and radio advertising, helping the business make its statement in a way different from any other business and its competition.