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When it comes to the commercial real estate market, one of the greatest keys to success is effective marketing. In some cases, regional marketing is considered a vital tool for commercial real estate properties. However, when it comes to commercial leasing and sales one of the most successful marketing strategies is the use of commercial real estate signs to attract tenants and buyers that are traveling nearby.

The Power of The Right Signage

Because the power of signage offers the ability to attract attention and provide information, the use of real estate signs in commercial real estate is usually vital. In fact, more than any other form of advertising, commercial real estate signs are widely recognized as one of the best ways to attract potential tenants and buyers to a property. When it comes to leasing, commercial real estate signage is considered one of the most effective tools.

Unlike residential property real estate signs, commercial real estate signs are meant to draw the attention of drive-by traffic. However, not all signage is the same and signs should be customized according to the market. The power of a commercial real estate sign often depends on the location, the information on the sign, the design, and the boldness of the signage. Potential tenants and buyers who are driving by a property and see a sign for a property for lease or sale will usually have a stronger reaction if the sign grabs their attention. This is especially true for leasing.

Potential tenants who are looking to relocate or find a startup location will want to gather as much relevant information on the property as they can within the few minutes they are next to the sign. That is why the phone number and available square footage should be considered critical pieces of information to help draw in potential tenants and buyers.

A good commercial real estate sign should have vibrant graphics to attract the attention of potential tenants and buyers. Additionally, signage should be made of durable materials, have pertinent information on the property, and should be installed in a high traffic location. Through the use of a high-quality professional sign company with a strong commercial clientele base, commercial real estate signs can be designed, fabricated, and installed to maximize potential buyers for a property.

Through the proper location and design of a commercial real estate sign, commercial property owners, commercial property managers, and real estate agents of commercial property will have a much better chance of procuring potential tenants and buyers.