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Hanging signs attract people’s attention and make a business stand out among competitors. This guide covers the most common hanging sign options and key benefits.

Types of Hanging Signs

The resources that are used to make hanging signs serve different purposes. Some sign materials can handle intense sunlight and others can withstand heavy rain and wind. The following materials are very popular among many commercial sign designers.

  • Dibond: A dibond sign is made out of a rigid material and it has a lightweight base that’s quite durable. Dibond sign materials are easy to work with because a designer can easily make cuts with dramatic three-dimensional elements. In the center of a dibond slab, there is a polyethylene core that provides great stability.
  • Vinyl banners: Vinyl banners are made when images are transferred on the material from a digital large-format printer. These printers can produce full-color billboard banners that have a lot of detail.
  • Alumalite: Alumalite is one of the strongest materials for a hanging sign. It’s constructed out of a tough aluminum composite, and the core is made of a high-quality polypropylene. As a result, an alumalite sign won’t rot, swell, or corrode.
  • HDU: HDU signs have a polyurethane base. These signs are commonly placed in rainy environments because they can handle moisture very well. HDU signs can also handle high heat and extreme winter weather. Thanks to its durable base, this material won’t bow or warp.
  • Aluminum: Hanging signs that are made of aluminum are extremely durable. They work well throughout long-term advertising situations.
  • Sandblasted cedar: These signs are strategically carved with different carving tools. The carving techniques give many sandblasted signs dimensional effects that are striking.
  • Dura-wood: Dura-wood signs have a painted finish. They have a tough core that stays in optimum condition for decades.

Hanging Sign Benefits for Businesses

All businesses that sell products or services will benefit from using a hanging sign during every promotional event. The big advantage is that this type of sign is very noticeable on a busy street that gets plenty of foot traffic. As people walk up to a hanging sign, they will see it clearly. This is a huge perk because an average stores loses potential sales opportunities when the marketing team only attracts consumers using a traditional sign that rests above the main entrance. A hanging sign is better since it serves one important purpose, which is to direct people on sidewalks to a business’s front door.