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Fleet graphics help businesses generate sales in a variety of environments. This guide covers other reasons why a fleet manager should let one company design every graphic. It also has information about various design options for company trucks.


Consistency is very important during strategic marketing situations because one simple mistake could confuse potential customers. When a single company designs all of the graphics, a fleet manager never has to worry about time management issues before starting a major marketing campaign. If multiple teams at different design companies make the logos, some of the teams may not complete a job on time. In order to roll out new graphics and logos according to a strict schedule, a manager must work with one sign company every step of the way.

Matching Themes

A great concept can help a growing business build trust in a competitive market. When fleet trucks are driven around a city, people will remember them if they have standout graphics. To built brand awareness on the road, all fleet trucks must look the same. If one truck has colors that are slightly lighter or darker than the graphics on other vehicles, people will notice this. The best way to establish a brand is by ensuring that all fleet trucks have graphics with exact color schemes.

Fleet Design Options

Fleet truck owners can pick several design options. The top choices include

  • Lettering: Lettering is the most inexpensive service package. The letters are made of vinyl, and they will stick on tailgates and doors. Some companies offer an advanced letting option that creates shadows. This effect stands out because it provides depth. If a truck needs an extra pop, a designer could enhance the shadowing by adding diamond plating near the lettering.
  • Graphics: Vehicle graphics are created by digital printers. They have a contoured shape and rich color tones. These cutouts can be placed on a tailgate, trunk, or door.
  • Partial wraps: Partial wraps are made with a large-format printer. The design usually begins along the back of a fleet truck, and it gradually transitions to the front.
  • Full wraps: Full wraps cover entire fleet trucks. When businesses must make their vehicles represent a brand, they invest in these wraps.