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In a world that seems to be dominated by online forms of marketing and advertising, many business owners wonder (rightfully) if traditional advertising media is still effective. The short answer to this is yes. The well thought-out marketing plan includes the use of different kinds of marketing media, including traditional media.

This is where more traditional media like signs and banners come in. They’re inexpensive and effective, especially if used in tandem with digital tools and word-of-mouth advertising techniques. Business owners who are looking for ways to include banners in their marketing plans will appreciate these tips.

Call in Foot Traffic

Those who own a brick-and-mortar store, shouldn’t underestimate the power of a banner for bringing foot traffic in the door. They can advertise a coffee special at a local bistro, call attention to business services like translation or announce a sale that will take place on specific days.

Unlike a permanent sign, it’s possible to change out a banner which means the business owner can hang the banner before and during the event to draw in traffic. Once the event is over, the business owner just needs to remove the banner and save it for the next time.

Take One to a Trade Show

Many business leaders bring their wares to industry trade shows. This allows them to connect with potential clients who might benefit from what their product or business service does. The leads that a business owner can gather from a show like this are, by their nature, highly targeted because the people who attend trade shows are usually in the industry or are die-hard fans (in the case of trade shows like ComicCon).

A trade show banner can get additional mileage if it’s fitted with QR codes of a business’s URL and phone number on the banner. The large size of the banner allows potential customers to see a business’s contact information above the crowd, a very important consideration in the slightly chaotic, often busy environment of a trade show.

Build Your Brand, Extend Your Exposure

A business’s customers will largely associate the business with its visuals, and few better ways exist to build visual recognition of that business and its brand than by putting up strategically-placed banners.

This is important if one considers the fact that most people need to be exposed to a business at least six or seven times, if not more, before they’ll consider buying anything from that business.

A business’s banners can be in places that the business owner can’t be, allowing him/ her to increase the reach of the business without overextending him/ herself.