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When it comes to attracting walk-in customers, it’s hard to beat the effectiveness of sidewalk signs. It’s very likely that many of the pedestrians in any given area walk through that area on a regular basis. If people repeatedly see a sidewalk sign in front of a business, there’s a good chance that they will remember the business and the services provided.

Because they can feature advertising on each side, sidewalk signs can be seen by people approaching from two directions simultaneously. This double-sided approach allows a business to convey more than one message at a time.

The portability and light weight features offered by most sidewalk signs makes them easy to move around. These days, many sidewalk signs are designed to withstand all types of weather. If for any reason a sidewalk sign needs to be moved indoors, it can usually be done quickly and easily.

Although they are lightweight and portable, most sidewalk signs are very durable and can last for a long time. These signs are foldable and can be transported or stored with ease.

Restaurants and cafes of all sizes regularly use sidewalk signs to advertise menu specials and various events. Quite frequently, restaurants that utilize blackboard or dry erase laminate sidewalk signs will place the signs outside of their eateries several hours before opening time. Doing so allows passersby the opportunity to think about and develop an appetite for the daily specials that they saw listed on the sign.

In addition to being used at restaurants and retail stores, sidewalk signs are frequently utilized at special events such as concerts, school functions, fairs, and carnivals. Sidewalk signs are also sometimes used indoors at events such as conventions, trade shows, and sporting events.

Not only are sidewalk signs visible to pedestrians, but they can be seen easily by drivers passing by. If a local business regularly posts special sale prices on one of these signs, drivers can simply drive by and read the messages on the sign.

Sidewalk signs are a great form of advertising that require little maintenance, yet they always attract peoples’ attention which often translates to increased sales. Whether it’s at an ice cream shop, a hair salon, or an oil change facility, conveying messages to potential and existing customers on sidewalk signs is a form of marketing that works very well.

While sidewalk signs consistently provide impressive results with attracting customers to different types of businesses, they also continue to be a very economical form of advertising.