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Every business needs representation to ensure that their brand name is known. In the world of advertising, physical representation of the business is known to go a long way in gaining utmost visibility. This physical representation can be done in the form of brand name signs.

Displaying your brand name in a big and bold sign, visible to all, is sure to give your business the best kind of exposure. Having a brand name sign displayed outside of your establishment will give your business authenticity and will help in pulling customers in.

What is a Raceway-mounted sign?

You may have definitely come across raceway-mounted signs at least once. Big brands and businesses use raceway-mounted signs to ease installation cost and to meet a landlord’s specifications. Raceway-mounted signs are easily visible and distinguishable to be unique to your brand. Raceway-mounted signs are basically put up with the help of raceway-mounted channels. Raceway is the name given to an aluminum box that can be perched up on a wall or flat surface This box will feature the letters of your business in a bold and multi-dimensional format. The box will contain all electrical wiring and transformers that will help the sign be illuminated as and when required. You can notice raceway-mounted signs being featured at shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, sporting goods stores, banks, and many more businesses.

You can customize the raceway-mounted sign with the fonts and colors of your choice. We can also customize the aluminum box to be the same color as the wall on which the sign will be featured. Doing so will make the sign stand out without showcasing the raceway.

Contact us at James River Signs to get an estimate on a raceway mounted sign. We are happy to help you put together the best colors and fonts for your sign and help you get the best sign for your money.