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One of the most important places that benefits from having signs is a doctor’s office. Hospitals and doctor’s offices are considered to be places where absolute care and caution need to be practiced. For this reason, it is important to install signs in a doctor’s office.

Doctor’s offices have many different reasons for different types of signs. There are signs directing people where to go. There are signs telling people what to do. There are signs that help people feel calm and ease anxiety which can be a problem when people visit a doctor’s office.

Here is a list of the most common signs that one can find in a doctor’s office or hospital –

  • Building sign – This sign indicates the entry and exit points of the building. In a hospital, the building signs can also be put up for the emergency room and for areas with wheelchair accessibility.
  • Lobby signs – This sign is seen as soon as a person enters the doctor’s office. The sign indicates the location of the reception area so that a patient can fill out any forms if necessary. Additionally, the lobby sign can also be used to indicate the waiting area for patients.
  • Directories – These signs are places in the lobby or waiting area and contain a list of names of the doctors available. The doctor’s name is written alongside the location of their office within the building. Usually, these directories include the doctor’s credentials as well.
  • ADA Signs – ADA Signs are made in accordance to the American Disability Act. These signs seek to navigate people who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, or those with cognitive disabilities.
  • Door Graphics – These signs are made to indicate the name and function of the room. Door graphic signs include imagery as well as written text in order to be better understood by all. Door graphic signs are used to indicate radiology rooms, x-ray rooms, ultrasound rooms and so on.

Other choices for signs in a doctor’s office might be a calming wall mural or quotes to help distract patients while they wait. We would like to help you decide which signs you may want for your doctor’s office from functional signs to fun signs. Give us a call.