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Communications experts call signs one of our primary forms of public address. We see all kinds of signs every day, from advertising billboards on the roadside to signs that hang above a storefront to inform people what they can expect to buy inside.

Signage inside a grocery store performs a major function which most people take for granted. When we walk down the aisles of a grocery store, we’re confronted by dozens of signs that feed us volumes of valuable information. It’s more than just an effort to entice the customer and convince them to purchase something. Signs are functional and necessary.

A sign tells the shopper vital information about what they’re looking at and helps them make informed decisions about the food they want to buy. Signs tell the price of a product. They inform customers about what is organic produce and what is not. Signs indicate freshness levels, tells the consumer about discounts and indicates what shoppers will find in each aisle.

Among the most useful types of grocery store signs are those that fall into the category of “hanging signs.” These generally help with direction and way-finding. Another popular sign type is the banner. These can be table banners, ceiling banners or wall banners. A table banner, for example, can be used to draw attention to the fresh tables of fruits and vegetables.

It’s not surprising to note that grocery store sign trends are being driven by high technology. Signs can become more than something just to read, they can do more by producing interactive benefits for the shopper. For example, single insert QR codes can be scanned by customers to gain all kinds of information such as the nutritional value of the food item, storage tips, preparation guidelines, and more.

Digital signs that can be programmed to flash and display information electronically using moving letters are powerful attention grabbers while informing and educating shoppers. A recent innovation is banner signs that are retractable. They come in many sizes and are portable, easy to set up and take down.

It’s important to note that grocery store signage plays an important role in the overall interior environment and influencing the look of a store. Signs are not just functional but can help create a shopping experience that is attractive and pleasant for shoppers. A sign company can create signage that is customizable to the theme of a certain or specific grocery store. Signs don’t have to be standard when it comes to a local grocery store.